‘The Olympic Mindset’ with Diana Munz

In an age when we seem to be becoming numb to the antics of professional athletes its really refreshing to hear a story of an athlete which is completely uplifting and inspirational. That is certainly the case with our guest today Diana Munz.

I first learned of Diana, when she was a member of the USA 4 x 200-meter freestyle team which narrowly defeated a star-studded Australian team.

A quick Google search on Diana will highlight that Diana also won a Silver medal in the 400-meter freestyle at those same Olympics, and 4 years later went on to win a Bronze medal at the Athens Olympics.

What’s not so easy to find online, is that just 12 months prior to those Sydney Olympics Diana was involved in a horrendous car accident, a car accident that nearly left her paralyzed.

She spent the next 4 months rehabilitating, with her pool workouts being limited to Diana swimming in circles as the doctors felt swimming in a straight line would place too much pressure on Diana’s back.

Diana’s story is one of courage, and unyielding determination.

Please enjoy Episode 3 of ‘Your Next Big Game’ with Diana Munz.

Tony Mandarich – ‘Overcoming Adversity’

In a draft that produced four Hall of Famers in the first five picks, it was that one pick that missed, that most people remember. My guest today Tony Mandarich was that pick.

Selected 2nd overall by the Green Bay Packers, in the 1989 NFL draft, Tony was selected behind number one overall pick Troy Aikman and just ahead of Barry Sanders and Derrick Thomas followed by the amazing Dion Sanders.

All became stars while Tony…….

This is a truly fascinating story, from a high school boy who couldn’t complete one push up at his first football practice, Tony went on to become one of the most feared competitors in college football. At one stage Tony was labelled by Sports Illustrated as the best offensive line prospect of all time.

So, where did it all go wrong?

Listen in now to hear the complete, unfiltered truths of Tony’s time with the Green Bay Packers, and his unceremonious dumping from the league.

Be sure to stay till the end of the show to hear one of the most amazing comeback stories in sporting history. After spending 3 years battling drug and alcohol addiction, Tony checks into rehab and manages to get sober completing miracle number 1.

Miracle number 2, with a new lease on life and a new energy and resilience, Tony gets back in the weight room, gets in great shape, and somehow finds a way to make it back in the NFL, when he signed a deal with the Indianapolis Colts where he played for the next three seasons.

In his life after Sports, Tony has pursued his other great passion – Photography. His work can be found at tonymandarich.com

Of course, a story this large can’t be told in a short podcast, so now is the time to go make yourself a cup of tea, relax and enjoy listening to ‘Your Next Big Game’ episode 2, with Tony Mandarich.

Why Your Next Big Game Podcast?

Why do we need a show dedicated to the emotional and professional health of the retired athlete?

Because it’s time for a new conversation, a conversation that embraces and acknowledges some of the personal issues facing athletes in retirement, but expand their thinking to incorporate future opportunities and prospects.

‘Your Next Big Game Podcast’, is your blueprint to success in life after sports, featuring professionals and leaders in areas of coaching, entrepreneurship and business, and as well highlighting former athletes who have displayed success in all the above.

There is no one better equipped and capable to crushing life after sports, than you the champion athlete.

Join me as we uncover the secrets to winning ‘Your Next Big Game’.